Architecture Canada, vol. 40, nº1
21 août 2015

Architecture Canada, vol. 40, nº1

Architecture Canada, Vol. 40 no.1 (2015)

  • Candace Iron & Jean-Sébastien Sauvé (co-eds.) « Introduction »
  • Emily Turner « Timber and Tin: Church Design and Construction in the James Bay Mission, 1850-1890 »
  • Loryssa Quattrociocchi « Two Churches By Gordon W. lloyd (1832-1905) : Trinity Anglican Church, St. Thomas, and New St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Woodstock, and The Ecclesiological Gothic Revival in Southwestern Ontario »
  • Malcolm Thurlby « Bishop John Medley (1804-1892), Frank Wills (1822-1857), and the designs of Christ Church Cathedral and St. Anne’s Chapel of Ease, Fredericton, New Brunswick, with some elementary remarks on the impact of Bishop John Medley and Frank Wills on the arrangements of Anglican churches in New Brunswick »
  • Luc Noppen « French Architects in Early Twentieth-Century French-Canadian Church Architecture : the Contribution of Breton Architect Arthur Regnault in Nova Scotia (Acadia) and Québec City »
  • Marie-Dina Salvione « Récit critique d’une sauvegarde réussie. L’église Christ Memorial Lutheran : Roger D’Astous et Jean-Paul Pothier (1964-1965) »
  • Meredith Steward *Prix Martin Eli Weil 2014* « The Public Barths of Ottawa: A Heritage Reconsidered »
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