Architecture Canada, vol. 38, nº 2
21 août 2014

Architecture Canada, vol. 38, nº 2

Architecture Canada, Vol. 38 no. 2 (2013)

  • Steven Mannell “Introduction: Modern Languages”
  • Bernard Flaman “Modern or Not Modern, Canadian Architecture in the 1950s”
  • John Leroux “Obscured Brilliance: Fredericton’s Modern Stained Glass Heritage”
  • Sharon Vattay “Architect Stanley M. Roscoe (1921-2010): Pioneering Innovations”
  • Alessandra Mariani “L’infortune critique du pavillon du Québec”
  • Nicole Valois et Jonathan Cha “L’architecture de paysage de l’Expo 67”
  • Mitchell May “The National Arts Centre and Canadian Identity”
  • James Ashby “Megastructura Canadensis: Reconsidering the Dinosaurs of the Modern Movement”
  • Rebecca Lemire “Organic Architecture and Indigenous Design Tenets: Frank Lloyd Wright in Relation to the Work of Douglas Cardinal”
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