Architecture au Canada, vol 31, numéro 1
1 juin 2006

Architecture au Canada, vol. 31, no. 1

Architecture au Canada, Volume 31, Numéro 1, 2006

  • PETER COFFMAN “St. John’s Anglican Cathedral and the Beginnings of Ecclesiological Gothic in Newfoundland”
  • STEVEN MANNELL “Toronto’s Tower of Pure Water: A Lost Civic Vision”
  • BARRY MAGRILL “Challenging “Amateur Architecture” in the Diocese of British Columbia 1875-1900″
  • J. DOUGLAS STEWART “The Shamrock and the Maple Leaf: The Irish Roots of George Browne’s Canadian Architecture”
  • RON WILLIAMS “French Patterns in Western Canadian Landscapes”
  • ANDREW WALDRON “The Studio Building, 25 Severn Street, Toronto, Ontario”

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