Architecture Canada, vol. 38, nº 1
21 août 2014

Architecture Canada, vol. 38, nº 1

Architecture Canada, Vol. 38 no. 1 (2013)

  • Paul Christianson “St. John’s Anglican Church, Portsmouth, and the Gothic Revival in Canada West”
  • Malcolm Thurlby “Christ Church, Maugerville, New Brunswick. Bishop John Medley, William Butterfield, Frank Wills, and the Transmission of Ecclesiological Principles in Anglican Churches in New Brunswick”
  • Jessica Mace “Beautifying the Countryside. Rural and Vernacular Gothic in Late Nineteenth-Century Ontario”
  • Jennifer McKendry “The Queen Street Methodist Church of 1864 and 1886, Kingston, Ontario”
  • Candace Iron “Henry Langley’s Catholic Church Commissions: Adapting Charles Borromeo’s lnstructiones to the Gothic Revival in Canada
  • Barry Magrill “Open Timber Roofs. New Thoughts on Nineteenth-Century Architectural Literature”
  • Peter Coffman “The Canadian Churches of Stephen C. Earle”
  • Kristie Dubé “Optimism and Competition in Saskatchewan’s Rural Gothic Revival Churches in the Early Twentieth Century”
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