Architecture au Canada - Vol. 33, no 2
4 mars 2009

Architecture au Canada – Vol. 33, no. 2

  • GEOFFREY SIMMINS “Gendered Space and Social Conformity in Selected Modern Architectural Photographs”
  • ELSA LAM “Wilderness Nation: The Myth of Nature in Canadian Architecture”
  • SARAH BASSNETT “Picturing the Profess ionalization of Planning in Canada, 1901 -1927”
  • BARRY MAGRILL “An Architecture of the Printed Page: Canada’s Consumption of Pattern Books and Journals in Late Nineteenth-century Church-building”
  • JESSICA MACE “Storming the Castle: The Architecture of Trafalgar Castle”
  • NORMAN SHIELDS “Chee Kung Tong Building, Barkerville, British Columbia

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