TICCIH 2022 Call for papers

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The call for for papers for specific (open) sessions is now closed but will be reopened during the summer of 2021.
The deadline to submit full papers for accepted proposals is July 31st 2021.

The sessions open for paper proposals can be seen here.

This XVIII TICCIH Congress considers the manifestations, discourses, policies, and stakes of industrial heritage—as an artifact, a phenomenon, a tool of empowerment; in communities, societies, or any material or mental environment. It seeks to strengthen the investigation and the understanding of industrial heritage as an inclusive topic to be addressed from diverse geographical regions and disciplinary fields. Subthemes range from the legacies of the Second Industrial Revolution to the future of working-class, company towns to heritage-based sustainable development, deindustrialization to issues of urban preservation.
The theme “Industrial Heritage Reloaded” is designed to encourage a redeployment of reflections and practices beyond classical “post-industrial” formulations coloured by escheat and obsolescence. It thus aims to further decompartmentalize industrial heritage, as instigated by previous congresses. While reserving a space for discussion on buildings and their conservation, as well as, naturally, on other industrial infrastructure and artefacts, the 2021 TICCIH congress in Montreal is designed to perpetuate and renew research and exchanges on less-discussed areas of industrial heritage, by addressing the identity of industrial civilization from the angle of its representations, culture, and territories, and of their documentation and enrichment.

Submissions for sessions should be sent with an abstract of no more than 500 words outlining the objectives of the session/roundtable in relation to the goals of TICCIH and the theme of the congress. Submissions for sessions should be accompanied by a brief resume (biographical notice and main publications or achievements) of the organizer(s). It is expected that all session proposals will include a preliminary outline of content; closed sessions, roundtable and research-creation proposals, in particular, will also include a preliminary presentation of participants.

Submissions for papers should be sent with a brief resume (biographical notice and main publications or achievements) of no more than 300 words and an abstract of no more than 600 words presenting the topic or main argument, its relation to one of the themes of the conference (or to a specific session) and its interest in the field of industrial heritage. Papers abstracts should also demonstrate scientific quality through references to a theoretical framework, a methodology or by outlining the contribution to knowledge. It is expected that prototype submissions also outline their contribution and state how the prototype format will allow a better understanding of the subject treated.

Papers and prototypes submitted will be forwarded to session organizers following of their assessment by the scientific committee.

Submissions can be made in English or French.