Workshop : Urban Issues in Patrimonialization

Session proposal by Luc Noppen and Lucie K. Morisset for the Association of Critical Heritage Studies Inaugural Conference to be held at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, June 5-8, 2012.

In contemporary cities, patrimonialization, i.e., the fabrication of patrimony or heritage in its various discursive or material aspects, gives rise to specific issues linked to the particularities of city living, social environments, and urban development. More specifically, the conjunction of the processes of symbolic investment that have defined built patrimony for more than two centuries and of economic development in a context of metropolization, increasing mobility, and worldwide competition among cities seems to be reflected in changes to the practices and very notion of patrimony. Relying on external constructs ranging from citizen empowerment to community or real estate recalibrations, it functions either as an instrument of change, or as a discourse on the urban environment. This session seeks to explore the mechanisms and the implementations of patrimonial representations of these kinds, specifically in the dense context of metropolization.

See call for papers and abstracts

1- The Politics of Historic Preservation and the Development of Heritage Tourism in the Caribbean by Philip W. Scher

2- Making and Recognizing Monuments in Hong Kong: A Realist-Discourse-Theoretic Approach by Edmund W. Cheng and Raymond W.K. Lau

3- When representation encounters heritage: material and immaterial dynamics in heritage classification by Filipa Ramalhete and Maria Assunçao Gato

4- Heritage as a biopolitical project ? The production of 'civic consciousness' versus everyday life in the historic centre of Naples, Italy by Nick Dines

5- Arvida Memories. City testimonies generating heritage and self memory by Marie-Blanche Fourcade

6- Beyond Chinatown: Considerations on the Heritage of Displaced "Others" in Southeast Asia's cities by Dr Imran bin Tajudeen

7- When Montreal blows out its birthday candles, will heritage be invited to the party ? by Martin Drouin

8- Competing Perspectives of the Historic Center: Does Urban Rehabilitation Always Mean Exclusion ? by Lisa M. Hanley, Ph.D