Architecture au Canada, vol 31, numéro 2



Architecture au Canada, Volume 31, Numéro 2, 2006

  • JULIETTE DUTOUR "Les plaques commemoratives : Entre appropriation de l'espace et
    histoire publique"
  • CANDACE I RON "Why Such An Odd Plan? Milton Earl Beebe's St. Thomas Anglican Church, St. Catharines, Ontario"
  • CAMERON MACDONELL ""If You Want To, You Can Cure Me." Duplicity and the Edwardian Patron"
  • JONATHAN CHA "La construction et le mythe de Ia Place des Arts : Genese de Ia Place montrealaise"
  • MALCOLM THURLBY "Nineteenth-Century Churches in Prince Edward Island and their Place in the Gothic Revival"
  • PIERRE DE LA RUFFINIERE DU PREY "John Soane, John Plaw, and Prince Edward Island"

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