Patrimony, the Concept, the Object, the Memory, and the Palimpsest. Architecture Canada, vol. 35, nº 2


Architecture Canada, Vol. 35 no. 2 (2010)

  • George T. Kapelos "AForward"
  • Alena Prochazka "Emergent Paradigms of Montreal’s Ideational Landscape of Identity
    Tensions between Local and Global in Contemporary Architectural Practicet"
  • George Baird "Stars, Imports and Other Phenomena A Reflection on an Aspect of the Evolution of Architectural Culture in Toronto"
  • Imen Ben Jemia "Vues sur Toronto. Les images du concours d’architecture Renaissance ROM (Royal Ontario Museum)"
  • Jennifer McKendry "A Reassessment of the Architectural History of Elizabeth Cottage, Kingston, Ontario"
  • Marie Dina Salvione "La lumière dans les églises modernes : sauvegarder l’intangible"
  • Marybeth McTeague "A Janus in the Cold War: the Founding of the Ryerson Institute of Technology"
  • Lucie K. Morisset "Patrimony, the Concept, the Object, the Memory, and the Palimpsest
    A View from the History of Architecture"
  • Andrew Waldron "Manitoba Theatre Centre, 174 Market Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba"

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